waiting in the water pictures are strange

I also don’t want to hurt your life

I just want to say (I’m sorry )
battery died & found some weed go figure
at least it’s getting prettier
a shame really
I’m so cheerful right now
[and my phone will perish soon and leave me to watch the same fucking trees over and over again]
[I still have to pee though & highly doubt the smoke maneuver past this commanding elder chic]
that was sweet
the decrepit old lady knew I was trying to go to smoke
how did she do that?
don’t know if that was a good Easter move, but oh well
agro man agro
don’t want to go afro now
I think they are cute
what do people have against pigeons
no mas quicko interneto
not sure you would recommend crispy white sardines
pretty pungent
pretty strange
I am very hungry and common that was funny
now just crying on a train at a silent video
kissing on the train poem
fucking in the pool poem
poem life poem swept to nothing everything poem perhaps on a train poem
and the most beautiful private dance
I’m sorry I freaked
I feel much more positive after the breast picture and pink punk songs
okay not really but I stole the window seat
I have two seats on the train which is positive


4.22.14 044

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