trans liquid of a blown up doll we took the picture of you lying adjacently on a thai family balance broth my loves not you

I got along great with my brother

truth your truth is crippled stains of coming lavender

mother we went to ride horses. the sunset was gorgeous you looked at me and asked if we should just drop everything and go sledding instead

he wore a mask of colors and it was brilliant today begins again the sky is a

lived in a death stupor stuns paper of your calm I am decidedly disturbed because of silt

the halo of weather strains his collic into his monsters

into the rigs of whoIe dreamt that I was dating that party with my friends

practiced matching underwear to pants sometimes the sunset

It is true though, you have all my money

8.12.13 003full of spiders. you said you were falling for me and you never told me. where the trouble slows, every kid needs to know what beautiful is and silent, that I didn’t have to perform and wonder the whole thing, soft spots, impersonated dance, the chorus on a balcony of a paris baguette. you admit you love me, juvenile maybe and still very honey. areoles and volcanoes the misread I have for my throat.

my dream was equally disturbing and about offices

trees pods and people with walking sticks and graves and pepper the mountains. I have a hill that is

it is beautiful to intimacy

it’s not beautiful to imagine myself as dead. it’s not beautiful to think about what I could have been. it’s not beautiful to imagine a soldier

dishonor this and ruin                            our gift. our touch

a maneuvery of punctuation. they have fucking names. I have

one you,           have one. to

to you not the. or architecture or peace. that is just so beautiful. sometimes I feel dead. thats just very hard to say. because of chance

the bottom of things always imagines more. it’s what my sex kinesiologist stated. my name means I need you.


but I’m not dead. and I share a sky

I have porridge

I don’t want ‘you’ to lose ‘you’ how do I do this


how one does half way with all of this

I have never met another soul so whole