: sent millions : of angels

the best if both worlds
above and below water
when you rescue
porcelain museums
of sentiments for a partner

the python is free in the watery
a book for his wife
laughter and the spectrum of between
when you get really mortal
unpredictable & honest

in rainbow weather
we lose a python
I would find you and walk into love with you
red and matted
like real blood on my fingertips

the second in three told us
nice to meet you
: sent millions : of angels
sent millions : of angels
they sent me millions of angles
8.11.14 006

played he said

he was writing love at first listen , my back

drawing turn ,
. table

abductions in our minds
the first time I said , I love you little

invisible implications of a yarn
. looms
running over newspaper

ink ……………………………………………….. even night
. like our pictures of ozone rest in mirrors

a wonderful company on the roof

8.27.14 004

to recollect

the desire to recollect

that small nibble of pink is envious

of strains of sadness

I do not know if he will come back

chase is a simple plunge like a lover

when she goes to the river it is to avoid the bridge

haunted hotels full of rice cakes

her eyes now mop the greying


dates to the automatic car wash

the first woman to receive the medal of honor in 1865 had

green tomatoes dress her locks of hair

shedding fat feathers from a down smock

into it the street of it brushes her look down a small soi

how escape is a display of

horney clients


someone has to put the pieces back together

benefits of war technology and medical care

ethics versus morality

masters the technique of eye trauma

women fighting self-defense and the power of force

I masturbated for two hours today

why would you steal someones clothes


in the rain tips of the rain

a foal vest wandered out

the ability of voice in community and the ways in which we are able to come together and be alone

a message from her brother

bevis puts his son to rest in the mount of olympus

you can stand up to legs listening to the oxygen scraping the clouds

diaphanous dimming


on the tops of the alps

we stayed in completely hilarious like

tender stick moon light

monarch wing wrists

the stoner gods want to see more food photos

pale stone firm even fingers

she was hugging a stupid furry cat


in invention of the wind in solace

two hands put them together

it is not free

and eventually those people with those hands will get pissed off

the problem with people you think are interesting

love notes on the doorstep

a prize for a poem on the battle of the nile


inventions of two alone in a room full of picassos tears

love is a constant attribute without any object for my love

love a part of me, always present and always seen by everyone coming near me

Im sad I wish I had gone

the one I havnt seen

fuck selfish pricks

jokes need to be about something


the importance of aging in your 20s

is love completely intransitive

when it is real

pink vignettes

the morals dont fit the stories

ethics more than morals

punk fairy tales

how u handle a girl with attitude you kiss her


oral literature and the formula

abstraction and instance

the type- token relation in linguistic theory

I have defensive wounds all over my body

and Im bleeding

I cant even use air con in Thailand


when the bee crawled from my left to my right waiting . for the bts