the lawn of a naughty life

turn out all of the lights

we were in the mountains with best friends from childhood

snowy trails with horses & warm houses.

amethyst is a common butter the color of hemlocks, the stare of indigo locks

my violin is safe

afresh a bell a fresh, time is more dangerous in the folds of summertime.


experience forgives as the flow accepts

sticky ego steeps

where my head laid basked still, into the taste of it.

If grace were glass plants underwater I

have an idea to love again


resentments they let go of us

bliss me naked in your service.

black painted blue authority in gold

the chord becomes broken unraveled in rays

cut stretched between notes


forgiveness a daily act

a boom box in the rain, nodding harmony blended beats

open masks curved running the lines of a genius

an orchestra

the sensuality of a beast.


the sax has decided to be the proper instrument for your dilemma

much pleasant sounds come from it

a big wooden chest gift in yellow sunflowers the proof of us

the song makers of rolled notes

or rest.


falling black fulcrums, double shadowed and inverted

the color of plasm

backpacking trips together through landscapes of red mesa

falling towards one

another, lucky flowers a one-time beast


do you remember the listened night of a good song.

rosebud hips

kits, blend, bit, brilliant,

some words are irrelevant,

some are unspoken, afresh a bell a fresh.


he is listening to her mother about the yellow dog. she is going to kill the yellow dog. she forgets this sentence after she sits with her dying. the machine talking with her about the dying. the dog doesn’t need flowers. the dog needs a doctor. so does she. but they waited too long so the doctor will come in the morning. she met her brother’s girlfriend. he didn’t feed her. he didnt know to. he did help her. the next morning she cleaned out eight garbage bags. full of fresh petrified trash from her room. its not close to clean. still mouse droppings covered in dust crusted in ten years of kept house notes and receipts. she laundered the small ones. for the small one. he needed to do laundry. she wants to swim in the ocean. thats an easy sentence. she wants him to kiss her and fuck her. she wants more than that with him. there’s a reason she didn’t talk to them for ten years. she forgives easily. he insulted her kindness. he insulted her dog and cursed her for about 16 seconds because she said that sunflower was her cat. he insulted his softness. she honestly doesn’t remember. she likes his softness the most. other than he’s not her brother anymore and she has neither mother or father. and yet they also are. her mother only moans her father spins webs of disappointment. they say thank you and goodnight. and what she does know is – get me the fuck out of here. maybe it is good I came. no one can tell her whether to come out. or what what worth means. or love.

I was working at a school in europe and my horse chic was my transportation. this was dreamy and completely sweet. then I thought about getting back together with my evil ex and having wax but instead we broke up kindly and my horse was trailered to my barn. I made up her stall. then she turned into my cat lily. I bought masks a little wild card.

when transience considered bliss

I’m cold in a tropical forest of

festive peanuts

for christmas breakfast my class will instruct me to make somtam

every encounter is one where we learn to encounter ourselves

1004 days ago, is either extremely specific, or incredibly random

rumination is complete ruin

acid, we really care

I really wish that I had a family for my life.

pull out the sweater vests

love notes weighted in cement to

we lived & loved more

and we understood the past

selfie revolutions

seven hours later I found some flowers