taste of space

I see                parts of me

present to the cadence of braid black hems


now is              circumstance

soldiers and white race miss the cadence


the world needs more of these books

on a cloud

a cloud we in sex get lost


darling             you have me

falling incognito in water fights


babe all           will be well

graffiti the blue sand taste on tracks


the world needs more of these books

on a cloud

a cloud we in lips get lost


taste a sound                           untrapped

the honest is to circle beautiful


the part            between us

ruins in the streets make love between us


the world needs more of these books

on a cloud

a cloud we in love get lost


yes around my face

realize love is knowing the taste of space

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well this is akward

I was a hero

eating silt

in my dream

the glow darkens cookies in snow  to crisp


skin for when I physical


to you we hook perfume

and sky like glow in dark


a visible stoic

captioned by falling

aesthetic of strong



as they dig are you bleeding

as they dig are you bleeding


ropes excite

syrup ecalculated angles

I was happier in

persimmons getting the baking soda out


present by name

the cookies

proper trigger

care less skeptics


move the feather the sand the present of dyed roots

move the feather the sand the present of dyed roots


as they dig are you blending

as they dig are you blending


I set next to my own

the double step heads

a trance

daffodile turnedambience


we wonder how moons try.     

we wonder how moons try.     


I love toto too

at church I dyed

curious since

of paradise and a ring I am right dear


greener than church dear 

greener than church 

132.27 023


baby you gotta sing next to me

to listen to the pears fall


close your eyes in a flood

the guy next to you is red as suckle

we make the metal manics whistle grace

yesterday I thought we disappeared

this effect is called in steel


the harmonica prayed

watched him fill a suit with grey lemon

in the sun he follows me

a river bed in smoked pollen

tomorrow is a feather between floods

wet from thin rims of silver


the guy next to you makes a house and sips curious

sky in hollow flowers

placed in a single coin purse in the tree

the leaves become her recent flush

greener daffodils than church

the wave is steel


a collage your arms admit water

our thoughts take the air out of roots

delicate pink barrels to the end of since

between when it came from the flood


disappear in foreign

in tomorrow

the wet from thin rims of silver

we have to be delusional

finding each other’s super special stuff

do you remember your first time

you want me I am delicious


caught in dreams I am unable to remember

we order a cake I cannot have

a poem made from a magazine wrapped christmas present advertising bubble tea and botox

It’s not about the being dead part


a master at saying look love that way

searching for meaning just seems political and full of chance

to think my parents wanted me to be a lawyer and fight for native american burial rights

Instead I’m eating chocolate


I want bacon

I called you

Fuck school

thank you I needed that


fuck me

Hey school

Why the fuck am I always crying

Now ducking ice rain


I believe the story

not the reality

I protect myself by diverting the people I love to things I think they will love more than me

Every wall a door


I don’t know anyone who has fallen for me

certainly not with me in me who knows all my super special skills

also in a losing battle with milk

I am not cured and I think that’s okay


I love the particulars of your misshaven lip and you are adorable because … that was a big trigger

I’m going to the foreign food market today

for some sauce and curry taco kimchi fries

they are quite fantastic


what are some songs from you

I miss you and I’m sorry

when we played just had sex at the open mic everyone giggled and the korean man laughed uncontrollably with his hands over his ears. my favorite was when you almost dropped the guitar during all along the watch tower


and your love is like a planet                               like with juice?

stains mothafucka slang stain

hey got my period today

the earth one


not the pc gaming lab in the basement one

the music open night I just had sex one

fuck me I love you

I could put up my pictures on facebook, but I don’t want to perform, tonight inta jus


Being told I’m the best hugger

music for four hours I feel peace

mins my home cabbi

I’m really tired like with juice


12.16 011

12.16 004

12.16 005

12.16 012

12.16 008

12.16 009


dear friend

imagine age of density

red because it matches our element


juice sequins my finger

around sides of wet


between she whispers around our insides

have you felt movies about water


dear friend do you know how it feels

trapped in a fruit tree


as you unless you peel pears

in rooms of bathhouses


dear friend do you know what it means

to monarch vinyl


bathe your lovely

brown hair between this


the moment you pause

and pull out crush


gather dying burial right stories

the rain began in words of a fruit tree

the rights of stories

the rain began in words of a fruit tree


room three

I bet it is lovely the way you favorite the pictures of me when I was young


where we land in a foreign line of type

a dress color the grain of clouds


where we on other side of the world finish my sentence

prove together

dew the way an echo lives to exist


.                       unless I am with you

.                       I feel

.                               unless I am with you

.                       its not easy

.                       and I don’t know if you want my heart there 

.                       dressed apple

.                       dressed in an  

.                       undress


the periodic tables of mittens without snow

just keep loving

and mostly not understanding

remember us skipping


in the frozen sun I fought for everyone’s honor

the sense of where we are from

in bed with me now watching movies drinking oranges


.                       dress to please you

.                       dress to please you

.                       undress to please you


I bet it is love, the feeling of a typewriter typing stripes

cranberry bark like rocks

I in the most poetic sense exist

complete misunderstood standing you understand me

In your opinion do you think the game is only to play me and never to love me?                                room three


.                       the pledge is to love to you

.                       I just really love you

.                               I bet its lovely, I’m freaking out

.                       the game is to love you

.                               unless I am with you

.                               we live on opposites sides of the world

.                       dress to please you

.                       dress to please you

.                       undress to please you


12.9 004

transforms our

3))                  what do you think of all of this snowing


2)             how do we forgive strange and prove dos emetic violence was a bad choice tradition

.                               and I freaked out just a tad



.               1)             the soul interplay      resists nothing                                      reckless in the body is compelled

.                                                                       as a child for autopsy

.                       palms up placed on a page



.                                               1)                    and her husband is without an ending form                                           did the séance lakeside appetite

.                       the dynamics of the right

2)                    of classical commons


.                               if something falls to no one we back to a beginning. we intertwine in constant,

.               I am perhaps falling in with, or a story I perceive I

.                                               love, will

.                                               1)                    evidence from the second           orange like tradition


2)                    ya logos

.                       courage meant house

.                       1)                    female deity

2)                    ya hoodie will say look

.                                                                       line marriages in a foreign book

2)             it could only be true if we danced



.                       1)                    visible as stilts fugue                                                tell her to solicit

.                                               the batteries of her vibrator molecular                             stories how hidden in a lullaby

.                       in vintage black           meat            she redefines body snatchers


3))                  this seems the right to bag a violin


.                       1)                                    first class sudden     blue

.                                               like the way she fresh cracks petals              eggs

.                                               snowing epoch in a passive sky



[I’ve seen this]

I didn’t want to before when someplace new is hemp as our fingers, brush
basketball a game of snow
the sand of lamp​liquid
signs of model
bluegrass carolers
sweet dates”.                    ​​said there was too much outta seeds outta dark)
love in 1949, stoic captioned by one poet as        “a) whole blowing smoke in the dark”
is that the story I was born
in place to make happen in love when I understand​​
stop sign graffiti confessionals drenched in hikes licking ​
halfs of dark ​​​      b) as we make out making love on the balcony before coffee
. ​​
. ​              theatrical palindroms
by the color
green narrow ​ sanskrit