dusk dears are how dreams shift

if your neck against mine closes to an orange beach

place accordion bagpipe keys                  in my hair

the storm his dreams               hold light curfew piercings

the lids line

lashes      hold notes in your lashes


well I thought it said six ways to boost top funerals using a display


: lovers lay younger : you cant fake a horse : cat menstruation is far more interesting than test day : every tattoo shop should have a canine worker : is it true I wonder that germans have a hard time saying squirrel


( I got a tattoo of an f hole behind my left ear on friday the thirteenth .

( there is only one person in the world with my name

( break it off

( an adorable art shop . has the most


in actuality , I got my fiddle tattoo on a full moon of honey

she wanted to consider him a person , a man ; she wanted to take …

quality of the relationship between personality :

laying lyrics of oxygen

oxygen sometimes a colored glare / in valleys I had a hard time driving the car

cigarettes talking to each other about life / laying in the weeds . I returned

her phone

sitting on a sled outside the car on a sled


storm . we watched videos of her sister

running around being fierce

later laying on their backs smoking

it was in the middle of a snow


lovers eyes


lover se yes

love her say yes


dreams of shooting stars and raw partners

learning laundry & blue rooms


lovers eyes


lover se yes

love her say yes


& they love me

I love them

thunderstorms starlings

the tough of soft

suntans never fails

we are learning how to write an effective introduction .

she plays with I like an acid trip fucking my tuktuk driver

they collaborate and communicate three pillows and a shirt

practice three pillows and a shirt

someone safe


I am currently mother teacher believer , wives

of major

generals , some that wish

only to marry when they turn music into trust


I did not know that he loved

how our bodies


to surprise me with think tanks

the color of green things


color dried mango & cotton candy

writing parties are ecstatic buried,



actually it was like a kind nightmare . a page from a book of my poems . but it was calmer . change

a centaur eating unbearable brownies

crazy dream though .

you love my crazy & my chill . sassy pimp mushroom hit


ocean body graphs climate change and chorus

everyone is friggin giggly as all hell today . it’s wonderful

it’s both

it was also the fucking


she told me she knew I was a romantic by the way I dress and the way I speak

I love teaching

hotty pink workshopping days

it’s a pink day


I need a cigarette

& snuggling



all those silly retards


he looked great . I am not the past

holla to ya hey

I listened to myself learning music

lost I was late , I paid him in full he shook my hand .

ka kafe naka

& a super long ass break

trust & commitment honesty & empathy passion & humor living & giving .

like a wife’s heartbeat & some dick jokes . swag

knowing that you are making love


the soft birthday kiss is on the curve between my ear & neck

that & ima commando watcher of the walls

ball handling nude milkshakes is all

the days of minivans and minifridges


my brain space was much happier when it was thinking about stealing for drug dealers

how stories become us and other through the body

transformation via multiplicitous narrative opens to a tin box message of

albeit cray & brave , can & do , wreck you

empathy exams


I love her even if she letters in all capitals

glow-worms sibling-sadism & great fondness

have made me nostalgic for a message to her brother on his birthday

I wanted to stop smoking and start running so you kno . lunch


there was vomit blood and shit as I said I’m killing myself but my friends were there as well as writing thinking and music

it is unfortunate when acts of kindness need direction

or that loneliness . we always run to in the arms of stray , away find comfort from and in , within

she asked me to help her edit  

her paper

looked up and said you know everyone loves you

a bee landed on my left leg .

now . twice time .                                                    first year . time

two .

a bee landed on my left leg .                                    now . twice


some sisterly advice


to have fuller love & life

to mark punk

boys shopping for pink

eating pastries .                                        to feel

today will be cayk



he said                                                                     the violins wicked

.                                                                               didn’t know you had that

in you .

mermaid hair

music tattoo on a full moon of honey  

I was not wearing                 write down on a piece of paper :             gorgeous harmonica warpaint

she wanted to consider him a person , a man ; she wanted to take

the quality of the relationship between personality

improvisational tales                                heart people

he fell in love over shipments of flowers

an orchid letter to a lover

still          not           double stops            not           anything to do with stops


6.16.14 001