my part, polygamy

: hush now, its going to be sleepless. my dreams lately have no direction, we just talk. monogamous over cocktails about his raised subject of typos in my app and how I don’t fix them. sober, diplomatic discussions with the cemetery’s most powder inventions in metal books.


the psychic) was correct sometimes her meaning is judgy, like : I just want someone to  fuck.


when he guessed my flower)     my under age sea malt fog)      her number of brother) how to best satisfy moaning, flash flood rosy cheeks.


or maybe breaking in evening lick bit from the waist.


[lost quiet

sleep in, late      coconut]


: how at least I know the mail works



the daughter

hand wrote:


its safe to say the fabric is on sale

descended hems of hunted grass


[he’s the gun shooting fucking coffee shop he’s not even good enough to be hell]


dies in a painting constellating


grown lucky in a wide valley        is milk based



[he’s the dirty water excremental poison on earth industrial agricultural and living thing waste]


the shins of the felt forest are lucent                      (pianists pant in the rain



seeps in cushions

next door to the dulcet lutes

used to laugh


[if science is beauty he’s a promise]


tomatillo tastes

seeds    pulse, the corded snow


9.2.13 012

the second bath ive had in a year and a half

and she said oh good you speak, enchilada orange


how much she is just not that girl             dive

sex with an exiled Swedish dad

though more of a mother


in that house. she was

dancing on the bar with the panties girls

than her mother why her mother loved her


own love song

a love note from the best one night stand she have ever had

she steals cause its made in cambodia

playing the cards


where there’s that

cabbie monologue

why it doesn’t fit

the good parts of scars


8.6.13 015


is without a tee articulate:

is the small (her hands is they sway black curl, bi couples for the night

in the morning he Is spilling beer

building roads

is eating pumpkin muffins


: her hair in the morning is someone by the way

is vendors selling hyacinthus and cider ramen in china town

is starting to



is swim peach


is named

is stockholm syndrome




9.14 001

I miss dogs

living is about living loving. your brain love was just saying that he sees me. scar a shakes and rain drops. how you can be buried beneath music. chalt has been a cab driver for one minute and he loves me. he is wearing a zorro phantom mask and his stick shift is fake cubic zirconium. he can’t decide if he wants to wear his seat belt. I think he’s fucked up. maybe if I was wearing a brazier and overalls I could of said I just want to go to jakarta. hours of dancing alone words have nothing to do with power outages.


what are we now, small green gem? if I was to draw her portrait it would have said: taking care of me is a sexy house note: about birds and laundry. important when depressing meets distracting and they lock themselves in a house for ten years. I want the pool dream note: took me so long to sleep and then I tried a bunch of love drugs in a whole bunch of neighborhoods. I’d like a cat to bring me a gift. her in interview about how music can save your life. traffic on the other hand is like a poor bird carried by a poor cat.


8.30.13 004

I am invited to play

their hearts were split

avocado picker

welts her imaginary friend tries to drown her


already died to my blue shell

at his house two hours before

we get laid in the neon grass for her birthday


they forget to change

the gun scene up her twat on a second try

too loud up it seems to be almost a ghost


I was never able to shut up

how did I do that and think that was okay

he doesn’t remember