we hold

(we held ) hands and watched
satellites (shoot) into , the sky
(the adjunct of shine
whos in these photos , a swarm of yellow
prisms , palms dancing in oval
walls of eyes)

watching (me as you (watch me
swimming (the middle.
missed crisscrossed boats
I did yoga and forgot to wear makeup today

the adjunct of shine
step scooters (skipping the pavement
to the (iridescence of stars
shoot the) sky
palms dancing in oval choral ornaments
(hang in my ears ,

freedom synapses snake shed
bodies in (blue oranges as one of us & (decay
move the recursive
wall of) eyes
swimming . the sunrise

maps of maps ::
we hold hands and watch satellites being shot into the sky
listen to fire dancers dj
sleep sex
(I love dj) music tees in a muay thai

I have decided that snorkeling
(underworlds ,
and sleeping against you , in the wind . ocean spray
night boat mansions with the (sweet kitty
also very beauty

I have a blind girl in my class
a girl named gift
a boy named peach
do or do not there is no try