jillian mukavetz is a poet artist musician founder and editor of womens quarterly conversation. she received her mfa from new england college. her poems and photography have appeared in verse, ping pong, delirious hem, barnstorm, otoliths, thirteen myna birds, ditch, poets and artists, among other publications. her cinepoem was screened at the 2011 cinepoetry festival at the henry miller library in big sur and published in prick of the spindle. she plays the fiddle and has performed with ambrose bye and anne waldman as well as eleni sikelianos. she has a chapbook say kitty, kitty out from Dancing Girl Press and another due to be published in 2014. jillian currently lives and teaches at thammasat university in bangkok, thailand. links to these publications can be seen through this personal blog that features preliminary experiments of new work.

One thought on “about

  1. I like your brand of surrealism, it’s comforting to find such a lucid voice that can push boundaries in the way you can.

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