where we had our first date

( where we got to know each other for a little while

: : allah & her bats


my stop little was super sweet                  ( for sitting down too late


wanted to make me her pet . 360 kids playing earthquake in the sun


: : gelatinous magic playing . earthquake in the sun


just as I befriend you     ( I said I love you

a curse a cuss . awash

bring me to you again and again . kiss and again ( a fable of buried kisses

: : full in lilac



little sad . little okay . kinda confused . things are just beginning to feel strange

he told me I should be an art teacher in germany .when the other offered that he didn’t appreciate gay people I let him know he needed to leave . he lives here . I said that was unfortunate . maybe I should meet his father . maybe I should go to shanghai

why I fell asleep and now I feel very lonely . maybe that’s why I didn’t leave my room . I almost forgot about the sad stuff . how my friend told me I was fake and walked off telling me it was the last time.  I miss s

I almost forgot that last night I had to teach my community about the difference between dildos & vibrators . although strangely paralytic I’m craving tomyum goong . today has been strangely productive

they are using lavender and stories about me to calm her . my horse is dying . I’m just trying to smoke . well fuck that’s not gentle . like when we made out on the balcony in the rain my back to the edge . a storm is coming

funny how reading a story can bring you to tears . I finally played my lighter blew up . last night he made peace into a boat and drew the world over. I felt better when they wanted to come to me . I almost back flipped on one of those concrete pylons . but I did not

rest in peace little fish friend . last-supper cliff-jumpers love the water . finding something new . a highly respected buddha queen . the feeling of missing a really good friend. I should have taken a picture of my favorite island dogs

I can leave the country and come back . the last supper is funny . or rather is . everything will be okay . I’m not missing . one of her best moments of the wedding was when the grandmother complimented her flood grown breasts

compassion is a necessary sometimes pain in the ass  .  oh the beach . best to go for the yolk . it’s very difficult to peel an egg with one hand

I received two of the same poetry books

we shot the christmas tree into the air and guided it through the air with parachutes

the butterfly landed on my left shoulder

a bud of a rose flower

for the love of paint , says my bladder

you do not have the void for a face                               run backwards it changes all the seasons

figurine wolf words

how to get to the right side of that bridge

if you ever touch her or any other child ::


I will fucking kill you

collecting shells, rocks, bits of the shoulds of earth rocked into a feather, wild raspberries, tips of stained fingers black with roots

gourmet paths of skin of pearls that skin the mind into a hunter of dreams and life

a tracer of pearls

sweet love


my mother also almost had three children. her first was her aborted fourth

bright culled balls of yarn . presents written and wrapped in newspaper yarn

I wrote a song . an alarming ocher cure

we are having that fun when you feel that at any moment you could be punched

in the mouth

fond of the phrase silly cunt & silly retard

:: hold them close to my chest when I was stoned at school


we didnt fight . we smoked and chilled and healed with a sort of mellow speed

he let me know if was okay to let it go

they trade their words

comy nests of braids

I am quite fond of the world brainchild

I wanna go to a beach


he trimmed and peared the tree into a penis

north korea really needs to chill the fuck out about the world ending

really hope the fridge thing works itself

damn they are adorable

pick up the bottle

kitchen skin in plastic          cups

(dehydrates bits of the sea


a little closer to birds :             in the shape of hands

type dust for the palms to eat


those red thongs keep a person

attempt acrobat tricks


the shape alters the chronology / learns each chemistry for the first time in jungle-ride-sunset crisps


I think that I see satan somewhere down there

love potions need to read