enjoy their pillows

fucking fantastic

figuratively et literally

he cannot even vent correctly :

people need to realize there is such a thing as too many sheets & too much moth fucking tucking


a headache : I ‘ m fucking tired so much very much so

I don’t know the problem or the answer except it ‘ s really hot without fancy words


oh botty bot leave alone my words I ‘ m not up for data karma shit

I can ‘ t 601 the fight

resurrections havin a love square with pastel

no joke can fix


remember that time

you just wanted to lay & chow

on over prized chips

while the monk covered your lips

& held you , in his hip

stare shades


how can one unread

trash you may ask yourself

mind a little blown

a blast of large beards & cries are the laughter of cowboy boots

I keep on getting lost on the hotel grounds


got lots of I love yous

cheeks are sore

games holmes games

I have decided that teachers want nothing more

than to be treated like the same cray kiddos that they teach


oh my craxy god goodness

I have never had to take so many repetitive in a short amount of time happy smile pics in my life


4.22.14 035 4.22.14 036

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