I totally ran out of gods stolen gift cigarettes

I need a cigarette and some violin . my mother posted about a dead black man activist on facebook for my birthday . why do I always get lost . fuck me this is annoying . I missed cleaning . if only yesterday

going to wake up the neighbors with a bit of music pretty soon here . there’s nothing like your last menthol with an irish coffee . mia quoted quotes . I greatly enjoy room service . eggs are equally as fantastic . things just are . okay

I still have a cake & music . it’s very pretty and I like it . you know what my guys bought me . a very nice necklace for my bday & it has a leash . I’m going on my hunting spree as he flew off into the night . totally thought that was the lower half of a decapitated doll

I do do my dishes in the shower . fuck I can’t even speak correctly . soup . how can I not stop thinking and feeling . we alright, lets just think its cleaning day, get up at seven and do laundry twice . the first one to whisper happy birthday in my ear

I do not know what my future holds . I do like kittens

don’t know how you can write sixty pages about out or in . but you know, whatever floats your boat . & no one stole my shoes so all is well with the world . I will edit and write and daydream maybe swim later . need to eat and get a bandaid

I am happy to say I stood up for thailand and I think I won, not sure . man I unfortunately burned myself . still missing someone . love morning gasms . we had a convo of anal beads death burning balls & musicals . but it was not based on genetics . my horses did that . at this rate editing is going to drive me into inferno . fuck blues is so fucking sexy . I have a band . teamwork is the passing of a rose . crushing a little . the titles of songs

he whispered wow you are very good at this . I watched from the roof dressed in a towel . in my dream he was driving the helicopter . well got laid was charged 500 baht for water and my mattress is on the roof drying in the sun . I cannot withhold enthusiasm . jack always tells me to be quiet . we tighta like a vagina . some people are so grumpy

it is also true im in a daydream rollercoaster. romancing the man of my dreams . really wish I was tired

it’s also best advised not to fall asleep around a bunch of children with makeup



in a nest of pillows

I wish that he did not have to

miss your boat

may belle, robin


you across the birds on my back

the sky has been very gorgeous


I miss your boat

may belle, robin


he knows my, number

I don’t have his

japanese sugar candies


you can see me

like a present from your best friend

the kiss was to do this


because you are not supposed to be able to


I want your

music is every




he did not have

your boat

may belle, robin


you all across the birds on my back

the sky has been very gorgeous


hunting for avocados & unicorns & acid in the swimming pool

poems my brothers & sisters

horses love it


she could see it in my eyes

you know he had tears in his


your boat

may belle, robin


you all across the birds on my back

the sky has been very gorgeous



that was a very sweet translation

the list well lost could work also

tho really wish I had something to eat other than red pepper jelly

we were talking about vegetarianism : did you just call me a ho

it will be okay. the whale for example did not blow up

& my neighbors convos . need injections of glitter


the melodica is sa strange and interesting instrument

my brother and my father are presently entering and existing into the same physical household.

still don’t get the cookie run thing

people knock & they are not there

too many things are making me cry.

like a crazy person searching for her totem animal through a quiz on facebook

i dont know what to do

could really go for a good brunch . with avacado

like the princess pretty kind. bringin back the unicorn man

or shit, invest in some bath shit candles and scented oil


double 69’s should always be taken as a good omen

it is kinda a bra braless type of day

mostly i think that i need water

i had soup for dinner and nor am I really feeling all that beautiful

who doesn’t love kissing in the rain

weren’t u just at the happiest ever joint in town :

well thats a little strange

is writing a capitalization of lonliness

what defines the expression of art

is technology a capitalization of lonliness

dominos pizza


pithy is a nice word

jolly frogs in fish mouths exist

tears under fine observation look like the difference of ground bones splashed in water


weren’t u just at the happiest ever joint in town

will I ever see u again

just a little funky fresh


to play me changes me

this is what happens when u don’t dinner

washed my face a drinking a coffee

i love to run in the rain it is one of my favorites


it sounds like my wall paint is breaking

fuck my neighbor is being loud as fuck

maybe that is what i need to do


my friend just offered to help me come home

a shoe competes with artwords


a shoe competes with artwords

we can change how we experience things

jack white this side


or wine

could use some more weed

think I’m going to loas next week


someone just tried to open my door again man

I love thunderstorms

I’m very calm


creative riots are the best

I Facebook dot com hm

alright let’s join the land of the living


somedays you need to remember that everyone is fighting a battle that you know nothing about

well that is a little strange

night night

night night remove to see the sunrise is a beautiful image

I love beautiful men

I like beautiful men

it feels even more empty

I gave back her decorations & forgave her


oh yes I forgot we’re speaking about the rain gods

the problem is I have to escape a lot .

& it gets rough sometimes & I try my best & right now I’m confused

think i will end on that note for now


sassy teachers are enamoring

don’t know if you can extract democracy from capitalism

someone is taking a bath at four in the morning

& something about jennifer’s eating cars

aborted thinking is also quite interesting


now im getting pizza ads . & im hungry

night night remove to see the sunrise is a beautiful image


i am excitable. i love marvelous. i transform. I let go.

reality for me is intoxication. ecstasy. and when its crap I escape without walls

okay lost me. generational gap maybe

little to sappy for my present but kinda soft


babies swimming in water is super soothing

stressed spelled backwards is desserts is quite charming


its tru tomorrow i dont have to be here

language is the magnum opus of our species it matters fo sure

have I read barbie in a christmas carol, someone would like to know


have I read barbie in a christmas carol

what is the assignment

is mothers day prejudice



could also just listen to the neighbors getting on

slightly worried about the bible follow

then again watching underwear shots is always an option

probably very great I went to bed


dick me I gotta dry off my bed

im very drunk and this is very difficult and i need help

really fucking bumming


I just got so sad fucking again

I just got so sad fucking again

i just really love


i want beauty and heart and mostly to just care about people that care about me also

im really lonely and nothing is really that funny

i need a dildo fairy god mother


my favorite dildo is broken and it is very upsetting

well at least I can cheer myself up

or just life


but if love is about luck it then also is about perspective which negates both love & luck & fate

is love about luck do u think

soup fuckers soup … more soup


we need more soup

oh goodness let’s not talk about starving babies

shit will be fine


well we shall see how that digested

times like these call for inappropriate measures

wish someone could cheer me up


well now im fucking all alone and not working.

not the most fantastic combination

an exhibition of someone literally falling apart in front of you


i think that i need to move

i cant keep being your second choice when you are my first. and that is why i must leave

maybe I will go to berlin


fucking christ man, finally got fucking internet … three hours later


5.4.14 008

feel a little nauseous

the man of my dreams

subconsciously romancing


subconsciously romancing

currently in a mind day dream roller coaster


no i think that i will play violin, im dressed now

masturbate and take a nap. yes that is what i will do. the door thing was really creepy


hm well that really makes we want to jump into the shower, dress, and eat a meal. maybe i will just order food to my room for the time being


american actor horror story asylum.

and now im getting a murder story message? what the ef man


oh that was the greatest time

then game time


still think that I may need a nap

sexy momma for sure


um well that was creepy. my door just opened and slammed shut. & my back was to the door. & im only wearing a pink shall


and i wish that i was not being ignored by someone

and i do not want to dress


and im hungry

i am very sleepy


tru  is a beautiful name

& i miss


also really wish I knew if I was playing today

i miss making love. & i really want to have my own family some day


tru is a beautiful name

oh and hey my vibrator is a fucking champ


important to note. the walls are much thinner that I was previously aware

oh morning fucking is the greatest


oh morning fucking is the greatest

5.3.14 016


what I really want to ask is do u think we will ever be friends again

I was so calm earlier

and this feeling is so familiar

i pretended to throw the frisbee and I walked away?

death and tunnles.

I miss when u wanted me

assume the worst

maybe you were trying to be sweet

did u just call me a toad?

doesn’t feel right

oh, sign up already it will probably change your life

someone to watch over me

the darkness is pretty beautiful

it is very quiet here

how can one search without a term

welcome to boring adults complaining about class size & projectors

I would not say directions are a forte

I got a fan!

today we decided it’s time to clean the swamp

everything matched

a fancy chocolate cake and flower bird earrings

I have a mini kitchen

accidentally but dialed lovers eyes

well we traverse back to the depth of the deep

I love her so much

and that she never had children

she feels guilt from a past life

she cried when we said goodbye

he sees the dead blond american ghost guy from my old room hang out on the rooftop

if u r operating from a genuine place regret does not happen

that is very dope

she likes to be in dangerous places & see if she can survive

I am going to take thai lessons

best skype ever

I don’t want to do laundry

: damn I have big eyes I mean teeth

when your friend admits to not admitting

fuck the thunder is amazing


5.1.14 008

what is my sign  

I could use the paint on the outside and the in

perhaps rusty storage home containers cuke seeds or guidance from angels

does my soul deeply want penis cookies or nail art is a good question

apparently Im being directed to a bachelorette where the bride strips

taste trust

those in visible threads my heart my mess

unfocus , but like going steady , with yourself


& my whole self mindsoulbody

also sleep & silence

I love your mess


Im such an idiot

how can u fucking teach art with out color

the only one in this after part adventure

boat partay in this hood

off to a boat

homey honey


I have not been sleeping very well

curious about magic

poems against racism

they are sweethearts


lets role play

my mom teaches tennis

Im allergic to something .

big fan of mannequins


signed singe

I was alone before u left me

what the hell is going on.

it feels dangerous


cyclical situations of addiction

to see a dead spider means you have overcome some strong feminine temptation

I am just trying to be a mother to myself

same as the butterfly in south korea

and that spider died . where I took its picture


and I have no idea if it is you

mother asia; a single human being possessing the power and might of all of asia.


5.1.14 009

really missing great sex cuddling trust love and good conversation

like fuck

let’s buy some jewvery

cemetery time was fun

man red berries stained my skirt

comet shower in the moonlight I like both beaches of a valley

to take all of me

black glass moon sex is my favorite

gas mask dance porn is silly

gas mask girls seyXy

let us visit some slave steeples

well maybe screw both . my kind

wanna whatever color portrait kinda love

screw romeo & juliet

need more signs  going into town

it does seem to  have something to do with bad things learned  for sure

dance porn

sharing a bedroom with a woman who showed me tons of porn

when late night biological discussions visit hell

picture time is the most fun part of the class

story time

acceptance or forgiveness

still hurts

kinda hot tiredness hungry looking for a safe place to share some genuine love

why is cream soda neon green baby elixir


more signs

reality of the soul

attention to the invisible a transformation of the earth

more a fan of living my own porn honestly

that was very beautiful

in both color & black & white

watch porn save earth listen


5.1.14 003