if you are free

it is your job to free

far from

her insignificance

raining ute . uke

cigarettes spiked into stars


love machines archive replaceable to no one chloroform hemp crotchet crotches climbing into cameras



mutual pomograiney chalk to be safe with


god needs to learn how to say no to gay boys

that makes me want to say he got it at jared

the orbital fragility of vagina monologues


effects the elliptical salt of alligator lace

glands wound into brass on the pottery wheel of skin prints



bulbous in blue bells

water the cleft of semi sensuous clits


its always nice when someone points you out as a beautiful imbecile

and then you go off to the most magnificent sleep

its finally hitting me I’ll no longer mishear your mouth


every once in a while selfies happen in the bathroom

humpy face & duck twat made me giggle

a sun

one of these days

when saying too much feels

various in caution with each

of these metallic. static. opium days

lavender lays over the weekend


maybe I had straight hair once

maybe a picture of my new


split in the air


each in caution

red dancers in flamenco. triangle, blanco, dissertations in a meadow

the muzzle.

various in melon. colic. cathartic chamomile.


the incessant pearls form shapes of pears in her blood

forgiving margins of manners

a father in the mirror

of respect




in poetry aloud to each other

dear. to my future. husband

cannnot hide or stop . riots . excitement needs something else

a chase dressed in lapis


the sea minds a little darkness

durable. tendon trumpets

slowness snowless


pulp of thick hibiscus

gunslinger libraries

broken throated


souls cut into the river



I confess in an irish accent

everyone was



fear hates me . I can help

very embrace

take my own



I can’t believe she punched me

in my face

writing more of an erasure ease almost everywhere the honor code is supposed to be secret so if u read this u are shit


to at home nowhere, letting go & the reality of being human

friction between of

toxic, acceptance

I just have

one more class


lock it and make a secret

I just have one more class

write action

the physical with the divine rains playful & creative

sensation play


sensory deprivation

anal massage & t zones

moving the orgasm up through the spine


I wonder if I could give myself a yoni massage

yoni massage . the trauma connected to the sex I need to heal that part through my body

I really want to have some spiritual sensual trusting sex . right now

no heavy drink or drug users

the perfect balance of male & female energy tantra massage bisexual sensual intimate sharing of intuition & protection of the body & mind


she let go of the right, she just let go

I admire your smile


kareoke on the escalator is changing my body chemistry

heavy blondes it’s simply not true

not thinking a lot

not cleaning it

as freedom from perplexity

koreoke on the escalator is changing my body chemistry


she hands me the keys


midterm scores on pink sticky notes

sex workers or d.v. depends on what you are looking for. what a fucking line


try to empathize with a psychopath

sex is important

innocence folded into itself


I was ignored because I wanted water

she gave me two coats . I was jealous she gave him the keys


faith with in love


the dream was something about my mom


I said can

statues made of water

a hiking rest stop made from a tree


I fucked you as a joke is the saddest thing I’ve heard since I want to kill you

how the boat ran over my foot

all of these nail polish ads about rebellion


2.5.14 057


I think its poetry

not because she remembers

love pub

tomorrows anniversary of my deathylifeythingy

some of the times I like to go back


helping other people … because it reminds me to

reenact a milk sequence



earrings today .

fifth chakra blue sound

eucalyptus mantra ham throat back bend rest

on the ankles

like these fellars squishing me

sweating in pat pong asking where super pussy is


reenact a milk sequence::

fronds chasing ghosts along the lips of a ghost in forest

fevers of white


2.5.14 075

any of it

I don’t know if it means anything say nothing

pills that is, or any of the above

is just one other not very interesting


:: hey lovely BANGkOK, I have a friend of a friend who had surgery this morning and he needs an O-NEGATIVE BLOOD TRANSFUSION. TODAY. its the most rare, especially here in asia ::

I don’t like anyone more or less I’m not really drawn to anyone more or less and that’s

a real with yourself
:: if you know anyone who is able to donate TODAY please please contact Arielle at 0853434898 to make an appointment at the Blood Donation Center on the 3rd floor Theparat Bldg., Ramathibudi Hospital. if not share far and spread the word. ::

washing waxing authorities
:: The Blood Donation Center has already closed for the day so please call Ariel for an appointment. ::

koala bears in the sand
:: if you need more info call me: 0907213393 ::

dude with a cave won this round
:: please let me know if u are able to help ::

or is it fuck it your own risk
:: hoping we can make this happen ::


fuck with it at your own risk

2.5.14 002

its the same story

the friendships they

have just one more class

not much to say

besides you are welcome silence



use is toxic              yellow

brushing yellow

the strange deeper

gives a stranger

twist a constant twist


more & more is less & less poetry

on something


skinny dipped popping males in narrow pools sit on lawn chair

ideas of romance

because it doesn’t take place in words


make a secret


uncover a self myself yourself mostly mime all together mine

mostly to the reality that I give myself a seed

drift 2.5.14 111apart


he tags my portrait on the window with permanent marker he tells me I spread rumors

I play violin

he cleans laundry


how I still don’t know anyone that can touch



2.5.14 044