The world of topless folks

when your neighbors sleep on your head organs are nice as are orgasms

the man is a mistress in his academy

oral ocean floors that breaks into rows .


the story of the fist is narrated dust

the way piano wears the wire in our lungs


nothin like hey girl can u send me that pic on fb with your normal face & matching m16

about this typo

it was a typo

up with the many straw people

dresses in the lake

1.24.14 003

train mates exist .

or that I did anything for that matter . fuck money . fuck sex . fuck feeling . or passion . or heart . and music . I don’t think anyone even cared much that I was playing violin out of vitamins and yelled at .

with a heritage and lineage that was lost she was called flower suffering from the heat . the baby birds hatched .

I will in the next year need to move to a different country . patient packs of girls in crowded areas collectively desiring . I made you come don’t ignore me cold in thailand running a bit late .

when welcome met creepy behind the water shop .

 1.24.14 018

hed come back & ask me if I practiced

I was in love & couldnt put the

(lost in a boy named song

shes circle is circles

dry to loneliness

bambie                 (ashes in some doe eyes

cool with our hair let down

day, he told        blow our cool with our hair down

the tag sold into human trafficking

love puff

pale cat & cozy


stay on the roof till one

1.17.14 048

not a word

the influence of a package

britches nubile and pregnant

I would like to cool

prosaic and discursive economy

aphoristically charged and stemmed with

the waving way sense of four letters

gets emotional

I belong on myself

and soap, Im in need of some soap

I could disappear and life would go on

the irony of nature and pencil skirts


lets just do this

infection ebbing

the exs father who tried to kill me

sent me a congratulations

the irony of the dwelling


1.3.14 003


like nothing happened

I was going to say something like:

hey I want to keep things cool at work, but I would prefer if we never spoke again. ever


and then realized his amount of idiocracy was far too grand to worry with a request


quite smitten with the word whimsies

when I imagine whimsies I take pictures off kittens and jacked lighter collections

if you think that god is a mountain there is no reason to also love the murderers with pitchfork nightgowns in the soft wet of the morning

dancing on salt blocks


deeply considering wrist warmers for this evangelical freeze up in this here

its a whimsies cult:

does god want you to say whimsies

you had me at whimsies

yeah it was just not meant to be

like nothing happened


1.8.14 0061.8.14 001