on a train sober

also morning

it’s insulting

makes you a stripper homey

I do not understand some people. being an over privileged white radiologists with gross fingers & glittering french manicures


It does not silly sweet my favorite


not satan

just a guy

just think

today satan could have been eating caramelized popcorn with his chica wandering cray on motorbikes through a music jungle

all the cray musical extremities of life


getting clean

because it’s mostly about trust

okay let’s do this packing crap



it’s not just female desire

maybe we should have stuck with the penis angels they seem more legit

a gerbil maybe

I prefer horses

back in the days of crappy hats & hoodies

I believe with invariable certainty


to be bored and procrastinating packing my shit

the spectacular curse is large wine women penis pouncing

cum bubbles

around the fire pit praying to their small goats


battery free should always include weed


and that my friend is okay

there is nothing more depressing than cleaning up your own blood

& I wish it was raining


4.22.14 039

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