back boned hallways n the home

I keep the smile acoustic … rain clouds, n tangerine, spines of a bow [their story by a creek on skies, like sweating royal in a first snow [pussy willows women wish wound n wander back boned hallways n the home all the boy / teachers // who I see that are friends / with the guy who / [raped me I, stop talking and they look sad when we walk the world is very serious today the ones who clean n paint color to the walls wyndot water, washed rain lait paint late pressed / flower // windowsills where shes, n the (wall) samples of a girl, want, kissed, soul sundials



wednesday is my vinyl

man, some people are so highly skilled at being

wednesday, vinyl

& gorgeous like


I was raped by someone I thought was my friend

he threw the paper on my lap before he gave me xanax

.           full of serpents  lisp-hit, special


like candy

(I woke

the girl raped by her step father


to tell the guy I am sleeping with: gross I purchased animal skin this morning: roasted animal skin

& to say: what is justice if love is not a unifying

denial of her girlhood




I walked to school with a monk today

her hands          (fluttering

sash the fuck erotic

kimono was an otter


a strange lubricious: tag line

10.14.13 009

I forgot to say one thing

it was not the distribution merely how we were both great people like fertilizing bees with the use of placebos

the verb narrating the story as we discuss the importance of with in the sentence im fucking _ u

the vernacular grammatical importance of play

waving ways of the sense of four letters

congruent unconscious staples we mask in bones. past bones. how she says please hurt me

eventually a shield rehabilitating skin diseased into not unlike the best static electric

second bodies creatures forming patters to which is dividing. dividing. pagan. dividing. electromagnetic


divide the trope nor does the momentum verbally negate the formula of the lyric

doctored mold how you heat the house to french a blown up movie

cuddles my friend day are you dead

we cant find the dreams of the deer the young one I hit as her boyfriend misses her love

now in anime carved into my brothers shoulders bright dunk this

fuck you across his neck

his child

his blond

his fucking I wish to love

the one I hope to see and love

how that seems to be pouring more into sleep

how her navel is not a red plastic cup

how my mouth is not too small

how the keyboards talk about water

bright hatching thought threads three dimensional heads in his missing spleen dense humbles

quotation gills


the skin remembers the aim how wrapped the myth is discovering the shitty fish

the water with

tucked he

tumble tumor turtle twelves months of this babe

the resigns the

blue minor solvent



adroid pics 2011 962


in eighty four I ate out of food containers and fell in love with dahlias met a woman named dahlia who fell in love with a woman named crystal

in my building we heard their walks on the dry fall apple pavement

with the dog

with the thin windows and the screaming

sweet home cooked bamboo meals


and she lost her mother to cancer

and she survived cancer

and she broke up with dahlia

because she was looking for more than petals


we drank too much wine and he talked to me about photography and pornography reading backwards

his hands untied his broken cloud buddha deviant outlines of dreams

he gave me a pillow and called me paranoid

he didnt know why I hurt when I talked about race or homophobia


she survived gypsy jazz

tasting her flowers as they flaunt

about her, waiting for her

roots, her whole tethered roots.


he could see both


adroid pics 2011 472

the calendar told us to bloom every year

do you ever feel like you are writing the same poem over and over

how you can fall in love over in over

adjacent to the garden a feather


undressing windows

existing armatures talking about high school ap physics

tell me what people want to hear

tell me what to write

fuck my poem over and over again

covered new rape of human

blown boiled dove beats without sex in a fiery fit

decompressing silent sly transgressed plots of love

the distance is one of play

my sex

I cry because you dont care to remember this:

Im all for dreams as long as they are not pathological monster memes


adroid pics 2011 263


did the eucalyptus create the rust stains that make you sit in the guise of that woman speaking to the bus driver she or maybe comfortable meditative ska pleasing the gobbling tree may exist

we may exist in fur looking into a tunnel of trills sporadic fears of sleep his theories her theories bi sexual trans sexual hetero sexual red yellow black white turbulence of glass

here or whirling light over again

fuck you for your paper on my lap of course its impossible to say knees spread into a lottery as she begs blocks of  time priori di cast platitudes of overpriced fairies

in vain acquiesce the grated game the introspective events coming into the brainstems of a jazz riff

a panicked horse a snow temple filled to the ceiling with kittens that beautiful thing

curves and all uncertain

refusing to flat emotion repetitive of admirable strollers of the old of the weak of the hard of the soft of the sensitive of the love of the unreadable nice of the minds time like filler

who that is looking for

who id like to meet

who can see that I lie

in the back of the hearse

which is to say

I can counter





that wish


self love


adroid pics 2011 132

so as long as im alive I want to tell you that I love you

the one who said I was falling for you in the rain is not one to say I blame an orgasm


the one who said you are the type I fall for mindful designs of sober uncyclical dancing complicit unmodified mist


the one who drugged me beyond the image

the one who fought me the need for surgery matching chance with love

the name of a song mindful designs of war labia love


my inner voice your plasma the aim is to feel you make sense of the process of

the properties of my ghosts in a dictionary wherever you are to say heya


to say hello

to say yo to love the first time I held your hand

to say I wrote books about you

whole thick books I encode

the first time I said its complicated

it was very simple


adroid pics 2011 093

been seeing many black cats

eyes are less phantom touches in the sunlight

basil oil bits

if someone could just cheer me up with cock paraphernalia every time I was sad I think I would be okay.

in theory the new bouquet of penii was bought by the kitchen answering the elasticity of numbers

something that I can trust

is not love at first sight

is love at first sight

I cut my hair with scissors again because I have been living nocturnes

coming apart in flower

pearl smoke trapped in an umbrella

hearing voices in the sand that frame

my own bouquet of paraphernalia

in the music

confused cones from the molecular basil oil bits bit of wings that move blue letters passed between

the world coming to

feathers in his veil           hair the surface

to fall in love

love at first sight

as the heart wipes dew off of your

without low ears laugh


10.20 002

my first stamp means eternity

I laugh a jellymural pressed into the red type of choral prints

I dont feel like your turquoise    stranger

learning melancholic                       .                               keys built into dead

baby joke (corrugated colors

of cocoseed ink


I wish you here                  (when you fillfoil

leaves   burnt     hill



brass cottonwood

cordjointed        next to you]

I imagine our eyes.          (phantom

yucca milk moon, whistles           his lips

“where we have been something of history mostly”

scissor cut

you empty the ashtray


adroid pics 2011 004