I think it was six

I didn’t get my amp again I just feel guilt it would be better if he dropped it off. & also. my student ray randomly asked me what is a rose when I was at my desk that’s why. it was somehow perfect though. It’s strange not to have a natural monitor & a fixed shoulder rest. I said three words in the taxi. yes & you too.

they called. everything I said was not for nothing. the next time we will plant chilies early to see the fruit grow. there was nothing in the news, but neither when I saved that other woman at a popular bar. so after playing my electric for the first time from when I couldn’t hear then could yes I rode home on a motor bike without a helmet & we passed a white man splayed on the concrete unconscious & he looked dead. it was very hard but I was numb from music.  it was hard. I recorded though I will listen to it for me.

I am really tired of people using their dreams on me.  I don’t know though just clawing over someone saying sweetie is NOT that. anti capitalism, I would want to be more private until the relationship was really developed. the public relationships I love most keep their secrets. I have never met the owner of my school called “THE doctor” but he should really reconsider his strategic plan if he wants to be legit.

my best friend knows this place

they only had TWO band aids in the whole school

that’s why but that’s not the picture

I think it was six

electric violin really beautiful music really bad bike crash body on street make white Falang looked dead five ambulances

if genetic makeup affects everything what is that genetic makeup made up of. molecules & energy control the tides of the sea how can we not believe planets emit this same energy. so we have those core components to when we are born. but every element is a player.

I miss my friend

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