the last unicorn

feel the need to bring lunch to school these eggs will kill you. & yes he had to deal with the half ton dead body of a horse which was not an easy thing to do. you will complain about your sister & how lonely she was.

tell her to move in with dad & block them all on your facebook. with less copper.

there will be so many love games that you know are actually intuitively stupid. do not participate. before or after. well maybe if those vows were ever true. whenever you are under stress wear glasses. don’t really need them. like the red poem. it’s love lane inn & an electric violin. don’t tell anyone it’s a secret. now its better with a heartbeat. a hello kitty band aid and some rest. if you can’t hug or forgive there is intrinsically something wrong with you. your horse lived to be 100. she was brilliant. hint: really don’t like this stone must be like the last unicorn.

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