lanterns sacred personal home

every key without ever before learning the key when I trusted myself to truly play. today marks the day I played violin for the first after everything

omg the fire alarm again       …              our building has a defect alarm

I read a full book for the first time in a long while straight through a fable was nice. I just thought of marry poppins spoonful of sugar idealism. I don’t think is bad, hope I don’t either.  I still love the ocean & really beautiful hair knots. another common theme was travel collaboration & using money not as an aim but as a facilitator to things much greater secrets we already have the answer to if we listen. but the oasis of love was covered in palm trees & wells full of water. & ultimately hope was better than treasure. treasure just needed to be found to see that love was better. it can guide you to first self love then partnership. & was in the desert. The premise began as trusting your dreams & how they work with physical reality & relationships & lessons where ultimately neither magic nor nature knows of love but if one can communicate & trust rather than control & alienate then prayer not religious prayer but human prayer. about destiny. alchemy & trust & love & finding truth in what you knew all along if brave enough to follow your heart & messages from the universe I think that’s the first fiction book I have held & read for like 8 years. I need to read more was really calming. I like the strong hand to guide me & surprise me I surprise myself to much sometimes. how many poems wrapped around me breaking into the roof & morning was my favorite. what is the difference between follow your heart (American) follow the mind (Macedonian) the difference & why. also this slovenian liquor beer colored that tastes like honey with gold flakes : yesterday / was so nice.

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