I miss my friend

I have an idea

the birds are very hard to see you have to pay attention. & judgments, but I’m really glad she shared her tactics everything makes more sense now. & later for her education focused on human rights & still battles. the same bullshit every day. the girl at work who I knew I liked, but then so strange, I really do. I found out she was in the military for six years & I’m so sorry & probably more but just this fact. really cracks open my heart. got my tickets to bali was much easier this time around. one month.

my friends from munich contacted me I love them. I feel like I remember things on a lunar cycle without actually cognitively trying to remember them. I need sex violin & a computer. what is a rose.

I was very hard on the tinder people. thank you to the boys I like. in the end the cat does not come into the picture, but i will get my amp back. maybe a good book also or music. really crazy sex.

the sun is a crazy thing. he said that now he was a painter. which is okay because laughs are better than hate. well there’s a reason for orchestras. she traced my face. my eyebrows cheeks lips chin lips then tapped me on the head. I also thought about malaysia again but they said they didn’t like gay people and that’s like sacrilege. here we go I go on the night walk now. according to the chart this would be an s for strawberries. 15 years teaching the letter u? well, humanity needs all spectrums.

if you learn how to think better life is the craziest ride you could imagine. the point here is could. it pushes the mind in the best ways. otherwise you are happily dull & stagnant & easily controlled. they almost look down on achieving what’s up with that like a cage. what the fuck same with people that don’t like learning. even if you are a teacher what the hell. thankful today was so long bike passport taxi line walk photocopy sit transfer stamp eat photocopy argue with work line sit break sit don’t fall asleep walk coffee don’t fall asleep self massage to keep from falling asleep pay wait passport cigarette taxi don’t fall asleep home.

they should make an electronic song remixing “at counter number” from the voice at immigration. I’m so hungry. this is an experiment. I need another book & a friend & sex & I have an idea.

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