brilliant the sketch

a child, you are kind, you are beautiful, you matter
you hand in paint
you are safe
You ask the trees their feelings
Not how beau full
but what they give
if they mind death care for the lost
fingers if they dream alone
If they feel the primary wave
Of calm foam
Bending of snow
The beat of heart as you blow
Bare my skin
Run your hands along
Blades rib
On rib echinacea soap the roof the smell of christmas bone to your hip leather my sigh wet salt pelvic soft
You control the strand string codec blue my light between touch fiber
I relax teeth sight blue lips a hum
Knowing nerve to nerve
Water of speech moving bodies
Meaning quiet lips against silt spinning cunt color short breaths to keep up with tangled sevens triangles blotting taste twisted rhythm time
slow talons with tears slow woven dissolves the body past
Many years past chest mine
around your lobe breathing thick quiet beat and purple curls fallen collar bones wax orchid petal ash a home in wind that tree moving the vibration


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