silly vag is better

a.) be prepared to disperse emergency kitten kitty blogs that break my fucking sun glasses pretty sure keith doesn’t deserve shit of my time b.) I like to rock & sweep my feet & challenge the are you modeling pick up line is shit padre . I have five more hours to go until I reach inferno . much more music please c.) a tit press magazine hot singles want my body I want someone who gets my mind. & gives me the most incredible sex of my life a really good fucking friend . all we need to heal is to have someone say: that’s fucking shit and I can relate and we can do this healing is possible. ate too much bacon & feel vomey again . fb sucks without pictures yes with bacon . bring it

d.) maybe I should get some sausages don’t think my internet is fast enough . it’s my tattooed acoustic bend unless I can have one more chance looked blank into the street … a shop nap across the street . the girl didn’t even look into my eyes e.) the children sell peanuts and flower wreaths boundaries . f.) a call to end domestic violence actually their box wine reminds me of back home. super mario wants his pants back you spelled pussy wrong

g.) an hour later she found a sidewalk and needed a fucking shrink and a drink no clue how I did this well wasn’t the shortest route in the world yep wrong turn . h.) again let us hope I don’t get lost


4.24.14 102

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