stomach way fucked           

the nap only made her mare , exhausted

today they wrote short stories from their pictures

I had not seen the poem


“ protect my soul , do not become what I hate but become who I am ”

okay well that ‘ s a better translation

“ man , security in quotes … true very true ”


( unless loved ) is not loveista schematics

hey a bouquet of fresh orchids . in front of me . for five hours . on my desk .



class poem : the boy was in love . it was warm outside . the noise was too loud and he was annoyed . the girl was calm . they had a magical day .

oh my word .

resurrections havin a love square with pastel


keep calm there’s such a thing as sugar

“ that will save a sand dollar for your mother and remove your hair ”

& those éclairs look like decorated fanfare ( penis popsicles )


pigeons are unfortunately no competition for human children . she didn ‘ t even have teeth , but perhaps a nose of super human strength ? pigeons can be holy if they want

“ I hope I don ‘ t perish from growing wings or drinking tap water ”

I like the nails joke about jesus .

fictional lamo – s never lose self or world

to learn from the art and the meaning of experience and expression is to also lover


4.24.14 051

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