in this perfect mud

in this perfect mud         I’m attracted to you

.                                 [the most kind

.                                                                                               barely clouds the blush

.                     [in your mouth              nodes the tales of yellows belly brush

.                     fruiting for

pummeled satellites]

did I absolutely sweet the color into carp


so I was babysitting and you were a divorce.      so I stole your trimmer to dance without records.    so that meant listening to orgies fall in love with you.      so next to heavy petting we buried the milk.       so in the sun she wore broccoli colored tights.    so I watched fucking slugs and you spinning me.      so like almond sun sitting on a bench next to a river with a dragonfly tattoo.   so warm chai like black dogs warm hugs.     so my blue leather dress.     so coy meant music shoulders and a maze gaze.


did you suspect

.                                 limon

.                                virulence

birch loose stalks like soil

we can love things we encounter in forgivness



the most perfect songs

a vase


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