fancy shit

anytime I see the lord I want to fuck, with lords

having the sunrise over dessert

& death … celebrities … smell


a little delirious she was fancy and pissed off

the woman who told me her orange shirt story & what it means


& then we talked students: have knighted the last lady gaga to be the next woman president, of the world

two days in a row does not feel like thanksgiving

clipping nails priority


like christmas, I found it

I don’t know how I feel about this: I ate too much tofu


construction in thailand is so air, creative air, conditioning

someone else, to read my poems lost in my seat like my body

to say word . up


busking random on the day I say cocks

I see them everywhere, bling bling


Estes April 2009 042

so as long as im alive I want to tell you that I love you

the one who said I was falling for you in the rain is not one to say I blame an orgasm


the one who said you are the type I fall for mindful designs of sober uncyclical dancing complicit unmodified mist


the one who drugged me beyond the image

the one who fought me the need for surgery matching chance with love

the name of a song mindful designs of war labia love


my inner voice your plasma the aim is to feel you make sense of the process of

the properties of my ghosts in a dictionary wherever you are to say heya


to say hello

to say yo to love the first time I held your hand

to say I wrote books about you

whole thick books I encode

the first time I said its complicated

it was very simple


adroid pics 2011 093

I am invited to play

their hearts were split

avocado picker

welts her imaginary friend tries to drown her


already died to my blue shell

at his house two hours before

we get laid in the neon grass for her birthday


they forget to change

the gun scene up her twat on a second try

too loud up it seems to be almost a ghost


I was never able to shut up

how did I do that and think that was okay

he doesn’t remember