night swimming

it was his brothers band I got there early & ate calamari. I felt awkward the waitress said I was beautiful the drummer agreed so I went up we played a slow first song on my solo the drummer behind me & the bassist gasped / I got so nervous the next song was take me home but I was nervous & shenia twain I felt I sounded fake don’t really like those songs. the drunk friendly very blond australian asked me why I was sitting alone just before. afterwards commended my playing & then the jimmy jealous drummer showed up & we had a funny chat … josh he told everyone joe was very insistent & funny & I said one of my favorite things here was to walk on the beach at night … so we dropped his motorbike & my violin … then after walking a bit sat then he said let’s swim in the ocean. I followed it was so sweet & funny in the almost full moon. he found a sand dollar & thought it was a crab head threw it back into the ocean saw some guys on the shore near our bag thought nothing of it. we came back & sat happy tired from the surf & he noticed his bag missing. I felt in mine & my flip-flops my little makeup bag with all my shells & my phone & power bank was gone. He asked me to check my wallet all cash gone.we went to the hotel demanded the police & they rolled their eyes saying that this happens all the time the police were busy. so we walked back he had no motorbike key or. hotel part of me thinks again this was all too much of a coincidence & I was actually the one who was scammed. he bed me because of everything it was nice. he left the next morning asking maybe to stay with me but left to canguu. I was left with emptiness & a desire to get a phone & come home. today I got a really slow cheap phone I’m going back tomorrow to see if there is something better. my friend I want to see I will when I get back … he said rest & sleep maybe play tomorrow or visit the bassist but then yes to the arms I know are true. I don’t want to go to. china but it is the only to do. maybe see again. I don’t know how I feel about this.