what do you want me to say. my boyfried tried to kill me. its a 50.50 i survived.

does that make you feel better.

our culture bleeds the family symbol of the cold writers commentate them essay writers foster mother things about love to give cod seven your path the floor was taken away the children home clown like the tile incarcerated the children I was not touched.


10.14 007 10.14 007 10.14 008

after the band

I thought my body was shaking but its just the building im sleeping in


(sunny salt sprout fritters damp dripped in dressing

hon . banana

bhurmese sweet, oh yes we were talking about sex


slip texts

count crocheted cement


the lake looks foreign black

butterfly crows                                 hello you are beautiful … are u scared


coral san (




finger food on indian palms, take pictures of me as I sweat

he parts my wrist to let me know he is finished                  (blessing


laughing is this your friend          


leaf palm food

they give me rice peanut raisin seran I give to the woman with the child lap covered with a towel begging for money on the street}


so far my favorite is when the hotel manager asks if my craze visa is in fact a picture of my friend


palms of feet now bracelets

he said he would call the police


crow wonders what would happen if he choked too hard, but never says anything

spider marathons under the glass


the orphanage freezes mound caw ensembles who

lose his parents in a tsunami and live in the basement of the monastery

asking me to buy him books


10.13.13 062

my back sweat                  is a sunday babe