I was alvaro’s lacrosse champion

in love with fossils & boys as winter snowed in faces. there was a tournament at midnight & I had an older brother.

omg they are like my little wolf pack they are just having trouble with the meaning of patience lately. that’s why it looks yellow mine’s more red. im playing a rental violin there it was right after I played at his funeral. when you talk about a friend you mean a friend. well that’s good to process. it was casual because I thought maybe it was the fans oh gosh. wow people are really lucky that there are worlds bigger than themselves. today angle brought in and played a pink violin. there was also a flat tire incident on the highway on the way to school but I don’t want to post that picture.

can’t believe I got it sweet dreams. we made bracelets which are surprisingly difficult. we are studying the aabb pattern. I am really good at interviews. this is amazing. maybe with the kids tomorrow morning. wow think I’ll be headed to beijing in july. first chinese dudes stood me up. I’m still working in munich. weird. I am still working in munich? it was so expensive for wheat & no sex. I miss germany I’m not sure why I miss a person here but im not sure he misses someone else. one thing: she said is he cute or am I trippin. it was just a date. I’m not very good at those. he tricked me on the train & I missed my one stop away my mind literally blanked & walked back. I tipped her 20 bhat & thanked her & her eyes were so sweet looking in disbelief. then everyone tipped her. sweet on the river.

I will keep your he is her

present in print dowels of thread



I will keep your something sung seen sound

mandolin wound acoustic in green well soaked wells


stop sax



I will keep your fog climbing toes set to rain set blue lined

spine scent sticks

low lit snow schedules of cloves day singing



I will keep your age of


rests tatted speak

the most fiercest


blurry in gardens


I will keep your pattern gated concentric

molds of past paths of a sleep address moment my side your passenger in evergreens

lipping beauty breakfast hands my hair a soft someone

fuck me

play book


& sleep

3.27.14 009