when transience considered bliss

I’m fucking cold and it’s fucking a tropical country what the fucking fuck

festive peanuts

xmas pics of funny looking kids with hot parents are enjoyable

I’m such a stellar awesome morning I really can’t even stand it

like parents with babies that look like grannies


my neighbor needs to close his

xmas pics of funny looking kids with hot parents are enjoyable

at least some of us are listening to music

I wonder what he erased

fuck me hard sex

totally sex

and later sex

as I mentioned before I have to make somtam


I tried to masterbate before class but I ran out of time

I have. God. clean sheets

with love without any of it

and chorus bells sex


every encounter is one that we learn to encounter ourselves

1004 days ago is either extremely specific or incredibly random

the bus is making me sappy

actual christmas will be great with hard core paintings of music & friends

holy fuck rumination is complete ruin

acid, we really care


I really wish that I had a family for my life. I can’t stop masturbating

pull out the sweater vests

love notes weighted in cement to

I have had just the most fucked up day and at the same time lots of clarity

but I really love to love

I don’t like to love anybody

so we lived & loved more

and we understood the past

selfie revolutions

the found said christmas in bangkok is growing

seven hours later I found some flowers


1.27 001

on the bright side I recycled

& appear to be listening to music though there’s really no sound

this slowing down

it’s really getting to my feeling of kids

& their messes

& moving away

& just being crazy freaking tired at the cafeteria


this has got to be like the longest eternally damned wait for a day to end ever isn’t it

so unbelievably fucking tired

my air conditioning sounds like a church

burning down

and my prize is tupper wear

& a cat chalk board

it’s a beautiful poem

& it is my life


I’m going to lose it shit

the first christmas

won anyways

& they yelled yeah that’s my teacher

before I saw the boy who raped me today

before the competition

he said how are

& I did didn’t mean it



strange very strange day

hey what do u know we won

& that made me ill

& depressed

now apparently apart of this festive papaya salad competition

religion makes me want to vomit

windy amelie


12.27 054

sometimes they look at u like a creature

sometimes I totally realize if I lived here I could be home by now

the intercom      ya peace

just unbuckled

handless with my purse on the subway


sometimes I think she says pussy over

super old women checking me out on the mrt

I’m a very hot      three hour record



sometimes I think she says pussy over the intercom

punk slippers taking pics of graffiti

just so close       maybe I’m starving

glitter pics be gross yo


sometimes I totally realize if I lived here I could be home by now

to be trapped similar to

knowledge is a filming of your friends shake their ass on christmas

as you take a picture of their first public kiss


12.27 063 12.27 004