the lawn of a naughty life

turn out all of the lights

we were in the mountains with best friends from childhood

snowy trails with horses & warm houses.

amethyst is a common butter the color of hemlocks, the stare of indigo locks

my violin is safe

afresh a bell a fresh, time is more dangerous in the folds of summertime.


experience forgives as the flow accepts

sticky ego steeps

where my head laid basked still, into the taste of it.

If grace were glass plants underwater I

have an idea to love again


resentments they let go of us

bliss me naked in your service.

black painted blue authority in gold

the chord becomes broken unraveled in rays

cut stretched between notes


forgiveness a daily act

a boom box in the rain, nodding harmony blended beats

open masks curved running the lines of a genius

an orchestra

the sensuality of a beast.


the sax has decided to be the proper instrument for your dilemma

much pleasant sounds come from it

a big wooden chest gift in yellow sunflowers the proof of us

the song makers of rolled notes

or rest.


falling black fulcrums, double shadowed and inverted

the color of plasm

backpacking trips together through landscapes of red mesa

falling towards one

another, lucky flowers a one-time beast


do you remember the listened night of a good song.

rosebud hips

kits, blend, bit, brilliant,

some words are irrelevant,

some are unspoken, afresh a bell a fresh.

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