indonesian folk songs

I didn’t mean those things … the world fell from beneath me … so different from the week before … I feel like I climbed a mountain was so amazing & they are so nice, the mountain guy I will see tonight. tonight I played so fucking well with a whole band each song by ear. I care about this one. was sweating through the whole set. they just kept me up there. I could play everything from queen to nirvana to billy joel to aerosmith we couldn’t stop kissing. indonesian folk songs to sweet child of mine. we couldn’t stop kissing.


this is the longest upload in the history of uploads. don’t play with my heart. I have never been so happy to hear hotel california. rock music by my house with a tiny beer & my violin beside me. I will go on a hike tomorrow & finally capture the sunset.


the neon pic sign that welcomes you into this place I am sure I have been before. when we go inside it says hey gorgeous tomorrow they have a live stage on the street. I walked for forty minutes on the beach back in the dark & by some miracle came out at my exact exit for my hostel without gps. marooned in the rain entertained by two sweet Indonesians who serenaded me told me they loved my tattoo & teachers & then I got a gig. swimming in the rain looks nice.


I am so unsure about moving . what I mostly wanted to do was see him before he left.

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