it will be published at the end of the month

after bali. I sent them to you. I am not sure if you will be able to read them. but the first one is from when we were together. yesterday I did see my good friend also we hung out & ate burgers rode on her scooter & played was so sweet. just what I like. I wish I could show you the important picture but I cannot. I did show the important picture. I think it’s salt I need more potassium.

away from water is probably good. the last day was sabotage & I don’t know how to deal with this

I had to hold her hand through everything. I won’t chase anymore it’s like parkyn. grow up. yes at three. grow up. tomorrow is our water new year celebration. I sent him a purple heart but I still don’t really even know him yet it’s the first time I’m actually listening to his german. the whisper game is for kids not my heart.

I just have to take step by step & I want someone to dance with. I taught them to whisper because they were screaming at me with the right vocab word so now I make them whisper & they fall apart laughing on their backs it’s so cute. the beach one. I love that dress. the blue dress is in the suitcase in munich, I don’t believe in luck … but chance … & dreams … yes that will never end.

this is also completely necessary if you want people to care about the environment to THE most polluted air in the WORLD. inspire. intrinsic motivation. we have proven this. each plant will come with a letter to how they will keep their flower alive. because it will blossom. plus I really don’t want the plants that we have diligently taken care of to die. we need to give structure to both parties. he told me good trip.

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