the nickname shirt was

he told me that made him happy

its good that pleases me. ich bin aufgeregt und ein wenig besorgt & I miss him. they would be more enthusiastic if they read the jungle cruise with life free of Paine *person. the insurance settlement is done now I think I’m not sure why I got mail for this they said it was over. my watch is fixed with a pink upgrade I have a new sports bra & pink shirt & shorts. also a flower shirt for new years.

tomorrow I start the process including schools. china will be different but I also know now it’s okay. will be fine. life is not about lück. it’s really hard work in a strategic atmosphere that could always drift away. but least likely to if you know the system. & people that know that you know the system like that you know this. so percentages of success are much higher.

I also had a lovable picture of me flipping off some people. losing face is an asian thing we are the planet hadn’t you noticed? you wanna survive. respect ist the new cool thing. you’ll also make more money. don’t touch my team that includes my students & my peers. & if you could be patient for the flower you would realize we had a butterfly coming. what is this whole power trip with your best most friendly class. I still have never met him this is weird. apparently the infamous “doctor” came to visit today.

& his voice is so sexy. I love his german voice. I wish he could just speak to me in german & I could figure out what he is saying. I need a flower shirt & a watch shop. he asked me what should he say to me in german. specifically what should I in german to you say. so much really everything is that answer allowed? officially signed am going to china.

if I trusted myself too much then I would be an asshole. because it would eliminate empathy & change. I never want an ending but that’s problematic because then it’s hard to find new beginnings. it’s complete opposites I’m really unsure why that’s why I love moving & absolutely hate it & hold onto love as if there is never an end. endings actually physically hurt. with friends I like independence with lovers I find this to be my achilles heel it’s very hard to navigate. I practice it a lot because everyone says chill take a breath & my breaths are so strange but I hate being alone. I hate being alone when I have to chase people otherwise I never want to be alone. I need an acupuncturist. it’s not dehydration & it’s not muscular. it’s a bone thing. I can’t turn my neck to the right.

I had a kind day some stranger can really just back off. & food preference is probably the least of worries. tell people to stop killing people or stop having children or fix the earth dying don’t attack me. well I didn’t really expect to get that passionate about all of that but people seriously need to be nicer. he said good I wish I could hear his voice I miss having a boyfriend. I also just wanted to cuddle. my teaching thing was quite nice it was real time. we made bracelets which are surprisingly difficult. we are studying the aabb pattern. I got a little band.

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