today I will practice

chocolate was for breakfast. hopefully my date is free today this blows. she has another nightmare but luckily can’t remember it. it will be okay. I forgot to eat yesterday was so stupid. sometimes you just have to remind yourself you are pretty. like differing views of logic.  we planted zinnias which will be flowering soon including a mystery plant. I don’t actually give stickers because I think that you can inspire motivation by watering plants. I always give it’s my thing, but the world should allow me to do this without deficit. the whole greed thing it’s really old. don’t worry I love them dearly. dreams faith is a money symbol. that’s it. back home I had two cats a gecko a dog & a fish living in a studio apartment flooded with plants. we all loved each other. get yourself self together. I don’t like cliques. you inspire bullying. not in my house. even when I don’t have one. not in my house. what is a writer anyways completely literally on the other side of the globe. yeah maybe you could listen to those I’m so tired & burnt out. you took everything. hope u are happy.

I was baptized catholic. that obviously means nothing. because religion is capitalized it always has been so what of good people. there is no logic besides convert or die & really? fuck u. grow up.

& now again no money for things that actually change the world. in every avenue that I love. I have not read a woman author that inspires me because it’s the same clique. it’s over exhausted. to what. I think maybe now you have an idea. it’s what the western world tells me again, but I’m not that upset about it. it’s not a critic thing. it’s encouraging empathic love thing. small people are brilliant & we are all that. let it go was so fucking cute. angel walked in today with a microphone & an elsa capsulate. elsa is cold for a reason. to erase the past is to eradicate your self nourishments your love your heartbreak your loves. to common past is how I elaborate my future.

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