hot pot

There was no music and for some reason this really changed the dynamic of the whole weekend. It was also to be the first of many differentiating time threads and thoughts. I have been thinking about whether to write a rant or an extremely positive piece and mostly I am tired of old conservative white men complaining about their privilege. That was my weekend. Old white men complaining.

There was no sex and this was equally as disappointing, but I did see my friends on Sunday for a hot pot meal and learned that my Thai previously barren friend was pregnant. This makes me really happy because she was really happy. I was also thinking a lot about teaching and perhaps too much. Will play a show here soon also and found out that my bag drama had come to a close which meant there was no more ranting to happen with the bully of my ex. He was now out of my life and it made me question whether I was so into the dj. Was it the dj or the friend or did I just miss intimacy? Hopefully, there will be more music of all of these kinds shortly.

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