little sad . little okay . kinda confused . things are just beginning to feel strange

he told me I should be an art teacher in germany .when the other offered that he didn’t appreciate gay people I let him know he needed to leave . he lives here . I said that was unfortunate . maybe I should meet his father . maybe I should go to shanghai

why I fell asleep and now I feel very lonely . maybe that’s why I didn’t leave my room . I almost forgot about the sad stuff . how my friend told me I was fake and walked off telling me it was the last time.  I miss s

I almost forgot that last night I had to teach my community about the difference between dildos & vibrators . although strangely paralytic I’m craving tomyum goong . today has been strangely productive

they are using lavender and stories about me to calm her . my horse is dying . I’m just trying to smoke . well fuck that’s not gentle . like when we made out on the balcony in the rain my back to the edge . a storm is coming

funny how reading a story can bring you to tears . I finally played my lighter blew up . last night he made peace into a boat and drew the world over. I felt better when they wanted to come to me . I almost back flipped on one of those concrete pylons . but I did not

rest in peace little fish friend . last-supper cliff-jumpers love the water . finding something new . a highly respected buddha queen . the feeling of missing a really good friend. I should have taken a picture of my favorite island dogs

I can leave the country and come back . the last supper is funny . or rather is . everything will be okay . I’m not missing . one of her best moments of the wedding was when the grandmother complimented her flood grown breasts

compassion is a necessary sometimes pain in the ass  .  oh the beach . best to go for the yolk . it’s very difficult to peel an egg with one hand

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