dusk dears are how dreams shift

if your neck against mine closes to an orange beach

place accordion bagpipe keys                  in my hair

the storm his dreams               hold light curfew piercings

the lids line

lashes      hold notes in your lashes


well I thought it said six ways to boost top funerals using a display


: lovers lay younger : you cant fake a horse : cat menstruation is far more interesting than test day : every tattoo shop should have a canine worker : is it true I wonder that germans have a hard time saying squirrel


( I got a tattoo of an f hole behind my left ear on friday the thirteenth .

( there is only one person in the world with my name

( break it off

( an adorable art shop . has the most


in actuality , I got my fiddle tattoo on a full moon of honey

she wanted to consider him a person , a man ; she wanted to take …

quality of the relationship between personality :

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