ka kafe naka

& a super long ass break

trust & commitment honesty & empathy passion & humor living & giving .

like a wife’s heartbeat & some dick jokes . swag

knowing that you are making love


the soft birthday kiss is on the curve between my ear & neck

that & ima commando watcher of the walls

ball handling nude milkshakes is all

the days of minivans and minifridges


my brain space was much happier when it was thinking about stealing for drug dealers

how stories become us and other through the body

transformation via multiplicitous narrative opens to a tin box message of

albeit cray & brave , can & do , wreck you

empathy exams


I love her even if she letters in all capitals

glow-worms sibling-sadism & great fondness

have made me nostalgic for a message to her brother on his birthday

I wanted to stop smoking and start running so you kno . lunch


there was vomit blood and shit as I said I’m killing myself but my friends were there as well as writing thinking and music

it is unfortunate when acts of kindness need direction

or that loneliness . we always run to in the arms of stray , away find comfort from and in , within

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