my band on Sunday

out of hundreds I found this one

covered by my birthday


he calls her

baby even though he doesnt love her


I am very sad


I fucking hate war and liars more than death

Im burning your shirt in the fuck it buckit

you can find your ashes with your teeth

your fucked up ness will only drown you in your own cum . pop some drugs and jump a cliff

its telling me to consider replacing my battery. with and somehow connected to vampires

excellent food


will u go out with me no sorry that was my friend

never has a train been so un eventful


yeah how that going, you know, fucking your ex


we are tranquil & shaded on this end of the track


5.1.14 015

just apologize

the termites have been eradicated & I have clean sheets. music is the blessing of the earth

someone stole my third pillow


I was also gonna say VGA bus … dont know where that was headed

I really need to stop texting when u dont remember

double orgasms are the greatest

sit-ups make me want to masturbate

music is the only think that going to save me

I really wanna get high. gonna sleep I think. okay back to beats


termite hell exists. its not pretty. they are fuckers


mother fucking termites ate my cloth also

fuck this so great, but I need my calluses back

hope I dont piss off my neighbors

alright rusty fingers let us do this

termites tried to eat my violin

Im going to go home and play violin


fuck me. what the fuck I did not have class?

well that was successfully very sad … and I missed work so feeling like a fucking real big champ

I dont want to become what I hate

well thats shitty lets be the teacher who goes to school and forgets her books

happy days

totally wrote that that one in my sleep … cool

so u are planning on getting my wifes number


I want to be safe. Im just a mess all the way

for the greater good no man will love me

my purpose is to call out and then just be fucked

sometimes I feel like my skill in life is always to offend people

I dont want to burn bridges


I was told feminism is crap

I was told that u have no goals and thats why being your friend is easier

I was told that I need to date someone older

I was told to forgive because you are young … I dont agree


some of them still hate their mothers

the street dogs are howling like coyotes


fuck man . coronation u suck


5.6.14 004

oh come on people

get over the hair shit

individuals who have too many answers scare me

and then there is music


art is not linear. people are too fucking western

and that makes me want to vomit

the problem with loving is that it reminds me of the hurting


and the criticism is on the ones that have the answer.

there is no fucking answer, unless open. but yeah

dont fucking be so damn retarded


capitalization is strategic.

sociology is tragic in a sense that the world is able to be completely critical of choice. people need to stop.

that does not make her a slave.


allow a woman to be whatever she wants

i cant even think it is so horrible

omg i feel like i want to vomit.


in love

i think I’m falling

i appreciate you so much. from my heart


u made me look better than what i am

when u got people behind u u can do whatever



been laughing & crying all day man


Picture 118

fuck me I got my months mixed up

the indigenous values and themes our course will explore are: wisdom sits in place

all my relations circle life

bacon jokes pretty rad as well


man cried & laughed so much today

how can you resist pizza poems

love my fam


the cock joke is old

happy to say im on a list with queen cunt and full naked

and i really fucking miss someone


cause i always want more hugs

the hard part about laughing a lot is the silence that proceeds

i feel really fucking beautiful today . like the earth


i have to work tomorrow, somewhere

love them still, but all right.

what is with old people posting shit tons of old pictures.


fuck yes let us just dance

well the world did not die and my heart is mending

fuck man totally missed the poetry shit


im really lucky

oh my team totally took care of me today

my bad


yeah the groups totally fucked

so much love

i just dont really know what to do


Picture 82