I totally ran out of gods stolen gift cigarettes

I need a cigarette and some violin . my mother posted about a dead black man activist on facebook for my birthday . why do I always get lost . fuck me this is annoying . I missed cleaning . if only yesterday

going to wake up the neighbors with a bit of music pretty soon here . there’s nothing like your last menthol with an irish coffee . mia quoted quotes . I greatly enjoy room service . eggs are equally as fantastic . things just are . okay

I still have a cake & music . it’s very pretty and I like it . you know what my guys bought me . a very nice necklace for my bday & it has a leash . I’m going on my hunting spree as he flew off into the night . totally thought that was the lower half of a decapitated doll

I do do my dishes in the shower . fuck I can’t even speak correctly . soup . how can I not stop thinking and feeling . we alright, lets just think its cleaning day, get up at seven and do laundry twice . the first one to whisper happy birthday in my ear

I do not know what my future holds . I do like kittens

don’t know how you can write sixty pages about out or in . but you know, whatever floats your boat . & no one stole my shoes so all is well with the world . I will edit and write and daydream maybe swim later . need to eat and get a bandaid

I am happy to say I stood up for thailand and I think I won, not sure . man I unfortunately burned myself . still missing someone . love morning gasms . we had a convo of anal beads death burning balls & musicals . but it was not based on genetics . my horses did that . at this rate editing is going to drive me into inferno . fuck blues is so fucking sexy . I have a band . teamwork is the passing of a rose . crushing a little . the titles of songs

he whispered wow you are very good at this . I watched from the roof dressed in a towel . in my dream he was driving the helicopter . well got laid was charged 500 baht for water and my mattress is on the roof drying in the sun . I cannot withhold enthusiasm . jack always tells me to be quiet . we tighta like a vagina . some people are so grumpy

it is also true im in a daydream rollercoaster. romancing the man of my dreams . really wish I was tired

it’s also best advised not to fall asleep around a bunch of children with makeup



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