well thats a little strange

is writing a capitalization of lonliness

what defines the expression of art

is technology a capitalization of lonliness

dominos pizza


pithy is a nice word

jolly frogs in fish mouths exist

tears under fine observation look like the difference of ground bones splashed in water


weren’t u just at the happiest ever joint in town

will I ever see u again

just a little funky fresh


to play me changes me

this is what happens when u don’t dinner

washed my face a drinking a coffee

i love to run in the rain it is one of my favorites


it sounds like my wall paint is breaking

fuck my neighbor is being loud as fuck

maybe that is what i need to do


my friend just offered to help me come home

a shoe competes with artwords


a shoe competes with artwords

we can change how we experience things

jack white this side


or wine

could use some more weed

think I’m going to loas next week


someone just tried to open my door again man

I love thunderstorms

I’m very calm


creative riots are the best

I Facebook dot com hm

alright let’s join the land of the living


somedays you need to remember that everyone is fighting a battle that you know nothing about

well that is a little strange

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