that was a very sweet translation

the list well lost could work also

tho really wish I had something to eat other than red pepper jelly

we were talking about vegetarianism : did you just call me a ho

it will be okay. the whale for example did not blow up

& my neighbors convos . need injections of glitter


the melodica is sa strange and interesting instrument

my brother and my father are presently entering and existing into the same physical household.

still don’t get the cookie run thing

people knock & they are not there

too many things are making me cry.

like a crazy person searching for her totem animal through a quiz on facebook

i dont know what to do

could really go for a good brunch . with avacado

like the princess pretty kind. bringin back the unicorn man

or shit, invest in some bath shit candles and scented oil


double 69’s should always be taken as a good omen

it is kinda a bra braless type of day

mostly i think that i need water

i had soup for dinner and nor am I really feeling all that beautiful

who doesn’t love kissing in the rain

weren’t u just at the happiest ever joint in town :

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