feel a little nauseous

the man of my dreams

subconsciously romancing


subconsciously romancing

currently in a mind day dream roller coaster


no i think that i will play violin, im dressed now

masturbate and take a nap. yes that is what i will do. the door thing was really creepy


hm well that really makes we want to jump into the shower, dress, and eat a meal. maybe i will just order food to my room for the time being


american actor horror story asylum.

and now im getting a murder story message? what the ef man


oh that was the greatest time

then game time


still think that I may need a nap

sexy momma for sure


um well that was creepy. my door just opened and slammed shut. & my back was to the door. & im only wearing a pink shall


and i wish that i was not being ignored by someone

and i do not want to dress


and im hungry

i am very sleepy


tru  is a beautiful name

& i miss


also really wish I knew if I was playing today

i miss making love. & i really want to have my own family some day


tru is a beautiful name

oh and hey my vibrator is a fucking champ


important to note. the walls are much thinner that I was previously aware

oh morning fucking is the greatest


oh morning fucking is the greatest

5.3.14 016


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