could also just listen to the neighbors getting on

slightly worried about the bible follow

then again watching underwear shots is always an option

probably very great I went to bed


dick me I gotta dry off my bed

im very drunk and this is very difficult and i need help

really fucking bumming


I just got so sad fucking again

I just got so sad fucking again

i just really love


i want beauty and heart and mostly to just care about people that care about me also

im really lonely and nothing is really that funny

i need a dildo fairy god mother


my favorite dildo is broken and it is very upsetting

well at least I can cheer myself up

or just life


but if love is about luck it then also is about perspective which negates both love & luck & fate

is love about luck do u think

soup fuckers soup … more soup


we need more soup

oh goodness let’s not talk about starving babies

shit will be fine


well we shall see how that digested

times like these call for inappropriate measures

wish someone could cheer me up


well now im fucking all alone and not working.

not the most fantastic combination

an exhibition of someone literally falling apart in front of you


i think that i need to move

i cant keep being your second choice when you are my first. and that is why i must leave

maybe I will go to berlin


fucking christ man, finally got fucking internet … three hours later


5.4.14 008

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