what is my sign  

I could use the paint on the outside and the in

perhaps rusty storage home containers cuke seeds or guidance from angels

does my soul deeply want penis cookies or nail art is a good question

apparently Im being directed to a bachelorette where the bride strips

taste trust

those in visible threads my heart my mess

unfocus , but like going steady , with yourself


& my whole self mindsoulbody

also sleep & silence

I love your mess


Im such an idiot

how can u fucking teach art with out color

the only one in this after part adventure

boat partay in this hood

off to a boat

homey honey


I have not been sleeping very well

curious about magic

poems against racism

they are sweethearts


lets role play

my mom teaches tennis

Im allergic to something .

big fan of mannequins


signed singe

I was alone before u left me

what the hell is going on.

it feels dangerous


cyclical situations of addiction

to see a dead spider means you have overcome some strong feminine temptation

I am just trying to be a mother to myself

same as the butterfly in south korea

and that spider died . where I took its picture


and I have no idea if it is you

mother asia; a single human being possessing the power and might of all of asia.


5.1.14 009

really missing great sex cuddling trust love and good conversation

like fuck

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