what I really want to ask is do u think we will ever be friends again

I was so calm earlier

and this feeling is so familiar

i pretended to throw the frisbee and I walked away?

death and tunnles.

I miss when u wanted me

assume the worst

maybe you were trying to be sweet

did u just call me a toad?

doesn’t feel right

oh, sign up already it will probably change your life

someone to watch over me

the darkness is pretty beautiful

it is very quiet here

how can one search without a term

welcome to boring adults complaining about class size & projectors

I would not say directions are a forte

I got a fan!

today we decided it’s time to clean the swamp

everything matched

a fancy chocolate cake and flower bird earrings

I have a mini kitchen

accidentally but dialed lovers eyes

well we traverse back to the depth of the deep

I love her so much

and that she never had children

she feels guilt from a past life

she cried when we said goodbye

he sees the dead blond american ghost guy from my old room hang out on the rooftop

if u r operating from a genuine place regret does not happen

that is very dope

she likes to be in dangerous places & see if she can survive

I am going to take thai lessons

best skype ever

I don’t want to do laundry

: damn I have big eyes I mean teeth

when your friend admits to not admitting

fuck the thunder is amazing


5.1.14 008

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