oh come on people

get over the hair shit

individuals who have too many answers scare me

and then there is music


art is not linear. people are too fucking western

and that makes me want to vomit

the problem with loving is that it reminds me of the hurting


and the criticism is on the ones that have the answer.

there is no fucking answer, unless open. but yeah

dont fucking be so damn retarded


capitalization is strategic.

sociology is tragic in a sense that the world is able to be completely critical of choice. people need to stop.

that does not make her a slave.


allow a woman to be whatever she wants

i cant even think it is so horrible

omg i feel like i want to vomit.


in love

i think I’m falling

i appreciate you so much. from my heart


u made me look better than what i am

when u got people behind u u can do whatever



been laughing & crying all day man


Picture 118

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