fuck me I got my months mixed up

the indigenous values and themes our course will explore are: wisdom sits in place

all my relations circle life

bacon jokes pretty rad as well


man cried & laughed so much today

how can you resist pizza poems

love my fam


the cock joke is old

happy to say im on a list with queen cunt and full naked

and i really fucking miss someone


cause i always want more hugs

the hard part about laughing a lot is the silence that proceeds

i feel really fucking beautiful today . like the earth


i have to work tomorrow, somewhere

love them still, but all right.

what is with old people posting shit tons of old pictures.


fuck yes let us just dance

well the world did not die and my heart is mending

fuck man totally missed the poetry shit


im really lucky

oh my team totally took care of me today

my bad


yeah the groups totally fucked

so much love

i just dont really know what to do


Picture 82

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