broken glass

the mud stirs up the feet


hating freak outs


why cant she see her stickers


to forgetting her password

like floating

a little stretched

how to love

a need to leave


other than talking to herself

bombs initiate

breathing deeply

get angry about that


[there are far worse people in the world like the ones that try to kill people repeatedly for fun]

he probably does

slice off

a piece every night and stuff it under his tits to help him float

a fat ass that picks on pigeons

that is the world?


the message is as dry as songkran buts

if you liked my picture because it meant mary poppins than I am mistaken


suck it

I have mini ants


let me pet your wounded sex appendage

like mary poppins

one scolded me for walking alone in the dark

the mini ant in my crotch is driving me insane

because I’m a child

I like to play



leaving this place just like mother fucking mary fucking poppins

that is the point of humans

take it how you will

it is about human love

silliness with meaning to change nothingness is the how to change the world

it is only a trap

if apathy is not the message


4.22.14 029

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