happy Passover

I recorded the conversation

the instrumental I like

may we never lose self or world

hard fucking well dug graves

additional terms may apply

creative commons attribution share alike license

existentialist dilemma courtesy of her affair

let’s listen to a fucking waltz

everyone can pretty much fuck off

I don’t need u.

that is what nobody gets.

neither does disrespecting my space

free mango does not make things okay


I just can’t know how u think that it is okay

it’s simple I will move

may we never lose self or world


and that’s a passion

I fucking hate flies

and fucking get a better insult than cunt

apologies do not exist as insults

I’m going to vomit

hey its the fucky you song


it’s about cock &

my phone will die

pink is springs new ink

your bra may be killing u has got to be the greatest opening line

samba, baby


41114 004

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